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We also offer

Document workflow for printing

A strategic workshop looking at the publication requirements of an organisation. Establishing templates and production techniques. Preparing files for digital and offset printing. This workshop is suitable for organisations that want to get the best efficiency in working with a design agency, or those wanting to keep production in-house but come up to speed with how to use outside printers.

Digital story telling

Use the richness of digital resources to tell your story. Combine archieval material with new footage using an interview or documentary style to tell your story. This workshop process is totally customisable to suit personal and corporate situations.

Movie making

Comprehensive coverage of the movie making process with hands-on lessons using the Macintosh iLife software. This training can be fully costomised depending on the requirements and can include:

Movie making is also offered as a holiday programme for children

Design Training

Acumen provides training in the use of graphic design programs. Craig has trained thousands of graphic designers and communications staff, throughout New Zealand and Australia, in the flexibility and power of Acrobat and PDF files. He has also presented customised on-site training to organisations*.

Training has been in demand from organisations wanting to focus the training examples to their in-house documents and processes. It is often very useful to such organisations to have their real work matters resolved in training because staff are then immediately able to offer benefits back to the workplace.
(* including Wellington Regional Council, Napier City Council, Victoria Gaming Authority, Otago University).

Training has been offered in topics such as these: