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Billboard in Britomart Railway Station, Auckland

Shared Solutions expo display for Capital PHO

Display in Wellington Railway Station

Makatote rail bridge restoration sign

Large Format Display

Creating large format displays is an Acumen specialty. We have produced many displays for clients with wide ranging requirements.

Displays usually work in conjunction with other material such as handouts or campaigns.

The core need is always to communicate information with an audience. In particular an audience who is on the move. The needs vary according to whether the use is at an expo or consultation meeting, in a public space, or on the side of a motorway.

We always ask our clients 'What is the single most important message you need to get across'. The challenge is to attract and hold the readers attention long enough for them to know enough about the product, service or proposal so that they can decide whether it is relevant to them so they can come in closer to read more.

Keys for successful display design